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Thread: 6th Gen Camaro Concept

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    6th Gen Camaro Concept

    What do you all think of the concept car 6th Gen Camaro?

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    The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was an unqualified sales success, snatching the title of best-selling muscle car from the Ford Mustang, which has held the honor for decades. Many analysts credit the Camaro’s futuristic design and aggressive looks with its sales success, which has created quite the quandary for GM’s designers.

    According to Automotive News, the General’s designers have run up against several stumbling blocks in designing the next generation Camaro, due out in 2015.
    At the forefront of their concerns is weight. The 2010+ Camaro is no lightweight, coming in at just under 4,000 pounds (more when you add an average-sized American driver.)

    We’ve heard rumors that the next-gen base Camaro will be getting a turbocharged 4-banger for an engine, which makes sense given increasing fuel economy standards.
    But a two-ton 4-cylinder Camaro isn’t exactly appealing. Another problem is how the next Camaro should look; designers don’t want to get sucked into that “retro” mold again, but on the same token, it is almost expected that the 2015 Camaro should draw some influence from the past.

    All concerns aside, GM seems to be taking the 2015 Camaro’s looks very seriously, and we don’t doubt that they will come up with a winning design… again.

    -From LSXTV

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    Chevrolet must beware of the Mustang II blunder if and when they downsize!!

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